Year 2011
Manufacturer MERCEDES BENZ
Model C300 SPORT 
Color Red Ext/Black Leather Interior



Daewon International, LLC dba D1 MOTORS DA0775, 503-539-5530

12350 NE Marx st Portland, OR 97230

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We have specialized in exporting luxury autos since 2003. During that time, we’ve grown to be one of the biggest car exporter in Portland area.
Our cars are carefully selected from lease returns, financial services, factory sales, and private collectors. Most have factory warranties remained and additional can be purchased by the secondary sources. They are all clean titled late model cars that could be verified by auction guarantees and Carfax.
We are glad to start our wholesale business to public in the states. We rather give our customers true wholesale experience than spending tons of money on marketing, salespeople and fancy showroom.